Sunday, November 1, 2015

Newberry, The City That Has Everything: 1889

Below: From The Charleston  News and Courier , February 21, 1889; article was written 
by Ambrose E Gonzales. In 1891 Gonzales became co-founder of The State newspaper with his brother.

The article above is from the book South Carolina In The 1880's: A Gazetteer.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crotwell Hotel, later known as the Wiseman Hotel

The Wiseman Hotel was first known as the Crotwell Hotel  (J.A. Cotwell buillt the hotel in 1879), then the Frederick House, then the Savoy.  H.P. Parr and M.L. Spearman bought the hotel in 1918 with plans to modernize it, and by 1923, the name had changed to the National Hotel. By the 1940's, Mr. Wiseman bought the hotel and called it the Wiseman Hotel.   The Wiseman Hotel site is now part of the parking lot of the Newberry County Court House on College Street.

Above: view is looking SSE along College Street toward the College St and Main Street intersection.